Techservice Ltd.

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Lifeboats, Launching Appliancies, Release Gear

Full technical maintenence of lifeboats and launching appliancies under Class Society.

Inspection of lifeboas and launching appliancies according to MSC-1/Circ.1206.

Servicing of launching lifeboats, resque inflatable and rigid boats, free-fall lifeboats, and launching appliancies for boats and launch liferafts.


  • Annual inspection and maintenance
  • Five-year load test with water bags
  • Release gear service and repair
  • Test of davit arms and frames
  • Falls replacement
  • Release gear replacement
  • Davit winches overhaul and maintenence
  • Repair of davits, blocks with welding

Techservice Ltd. is an authorized service station for servicing of lifeboats and davits and has approvals from manufacturers:

Hatecke GmbH, Germany

Global Davit GmbH, Germany

Davit International GmbH, Germany

Norsafe AS, Norway

Fassmer GmbH, Germany

Davit Company GmbH, Germany

Pesbo S.L., Spain

Oriental Precision and Engineering Co. Ltd., South Korea

Hyundai Lifeboats Co. Ltd., South Korea

Bada Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., South Korea

Dongnam Marine Cranes Co., Ltd., South Korea

Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co. Ltd., China

Jiangsu Jiaoyan Marine Equipment Co. Ltd., China

Montmontaza Greben Ltd., Croatia

Pella Mash, Russia

Stekloplastik, Russia

Mnev & K., Russia